Often we tend to focus on the organization of the wedding location, but we should not neglect the
church, where all the set-ups must follow the mood chosen for the event.

The misses must have the same font and same graphic as the participations, while all compositions
(such as those in gold in the photos) will have to go hand in hand with those we will find in the

As for rice, there are several solutions: a custom bag, a box or the classic cone.

The latest trend is to create a small wedding box that contains the booklet mass, the rice, the
handkerchief for tears of joy, the fan and more!

The wedding box can be customized according to any need and also comes to the aid of any last
minute unforeseen events.
You can then add caramels, sewing kits, water or small gadgets for the party.
In this event I designed a salmon-colored satin wedding pouches and I tied to the bow a pampas
(branch of a plant that reminds us of feathers).

Inside the clutch was present everything necessary: booklet mass, linen handkerchief with the initials
of the newlyweds embroidered and a bag of rice.

Of course, these accessories are dedicated to ladies, while men are honored only with the
handkerchief and the booklet mass.

Do not forget to abound with the realization of the booklets, which must also be delivered to the
priest and the newlyweds.

A detail not to be underestimated is the wedding ring holder: now passed the classic cloth pad, you
can have fun finding more original ways to propose it.

Last but not least, the set-ups outside the church. The first emotions and impressions of your guests
will depend on what they see when they arrive, so it is essential to set up the stairs and the church
door in the right way.

Do you have any questions or proposals?

Write to me!


Today, the tables include all kinds of accessories, from the name of the table to the centerpiece, to
the menus and signs custom seats, up to the candles. Not to mention the complete mise en place
between under plate, cutlery, glasses and saucer bread.

Of all these elements, I believe that we need to find the right balance.

Before designing the mise en place it is important to interface with the room maitre, to understand the spaces that you have available.

As for the center of the table, you have to be careful not to choose immense structures that do not even allow you to see the faces of diners at the table.

How many of you were invited to relatives’ weddings and had to sit at a table with people you didn’t
know, or haven’t seen in years? In order not to risk making your guests feel uncomfortable, organize
the table layout in the right way, so that everyone knows each other.

The name of the table is what surely should not be missing, if they are predetermined places. It must
have a custom name or classic numbering well in sight and not covered by anything else, so that it is
easy to locate.

Another thing I prefer, is the personalized menu for each guest and, if there are allergic or intolerant,
the menu must report what will be offered specifically.

Finally, the place mark has increasingly assumed the function of cadeaux to pay homage to guests.
The proposals are many, but I think it is more appropriate to choose a useful solution, otherwise it is
enough to add a flower to the napkin with the first and last name (never forget the surname,
especially in the case of the same name!)

Another way to enrich the place mark, especially for dinners, is with candles. I think the candle is an
element that should never be missing at the tables, because it gives a romantic and elegant allure.
How do you imagine the mise en place of your event? Write to me.


A cult that is now almost always in demand by married couples is the Cuban corner, or cigar bar,
although I prefer to call it “Night of Havana“.

Today it is seen more as a fashion than as a moment dedicated to relaxation, to taste the aroma of
a good cigar with the famous slow smoke
, accompanied by an excellent “Ron” and dark chocolate,
bitter, black.

The first thing to know is that there are different types of cigars that exist on the market.

The best known cigar is Cuban: strictly handmade, such as Montecristo, Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta
or San Cristobal de la Havana which, of course, for their processing and type of tobacco have much
higher costs than other types of cigars.

I always recommend, if you have a medium budget, to take some, especially if there are
connoisseurs among the guests.

Otherwise, good cigars, always Cuban but machine-made, are the Guantanamera, which have low
prices and are always of “pure habanos”.

Don’t forget also the cigars Made in Italy which, despite different manufacture and tobacco, are
still excellent.
As for the Rhum, or Ron for the Spaniards, a whole world naturally opens up: white, gold, dark,
aged or spicy, what matters is the type of processing, which changes depending on the origin.
Here, too, costs vary, especially depending on ageing.

Dulcis in fundo, the beloved chocolate.

It must be bitter, even 100% sugar-free, so as to give off aromas of fruits and flavors that come in
perfect harmony with ron and cigar.

By virtue of these considerations, you can well understand that organizing a Cuban corner well
requires skills that go far beyond the trend of the moment.

I have made several “Havana Nights”, depending on the type of event.
Simple and in keeping with the theme of the wedding, diving in traveling Cuban views or the
classic Cuban spirit.

And you, how do you prefer it?


For years, in Italy, the Wedding Cake has imitated American fashion with the classic layered cake, with some variations to constantly follow the new trends.

Today I will explain the value and meaning of the Wedding Cake, how to choose it and why it must
follow the design of the wedding.
First, the Wedding Cake represents the union of a couple, who is not by chance immortalized by the
photographer with the fateful cut of the cake, strictly made by the union of both hands of the

This act symbolizes eternal love, draws attention to the promises made before God and before loved

We know that today there are many types of Wedding Cake: classic with sugarpaste, naked cake, nude cake, ruffle cake, metallic cake, drip cake, watercolor cake and many more.
But how do you decide between all these variants?

First of all, it depends on the style of the wedding,
the mood that you have chosen, the colors, but above all the seasonality.

Yes, even for Wedding Cakes, as in flowers, you have to pay attention to seasonality.

Simply because some of these cakes have to be commissioned true, with filling, and although they are stored in refrigerator cells, when the temperatures are very high, they may not be perfect.

Another key point is: true or fake? With filling or just sugar paste?

Personally, I find the stuffed cake much more fascinating, because it represents the soul of the wedding with the soft cut of the cake. Despite this, I do not exclude the fake one, which always remains the preferred choice of the newlyweds.

There are also scenic novelties for the moment of the cake cut.

The Laser Show: a show of lights projected on the wedding cake, personalized with images of the
newlyweds or special writings.

The Cake Mapping, a real show that makes the wedding cake interactive. The Wedding Cake will turn
into a screen on which to project photos, movies, texts and animations. A show inside the event to
make the most beautiful day even more magical!

A hug


When guests arrive at the location, the first thing they ask is, “What’s my table?”🤔

In this case, the Tableau de Mariage, a board indicating the arrangement of the tables during the
reception, runs to their aid.
How do I organize and customize this guest map? I’ll explain it to you right away.

First, the tableau always follows the mood of the reception, so it must be in line with the colors and
theme you have chosen.

In the photo, the mood of the event was the combination of salmon color (which mixes pink with a
touch of orange) with the gold of the geometric structures.

Another very important aspect, is the location: the tableau must be at the entrance or in the aperitif
area, so that guests can see it immediately upon their arrival.
Generally, the tableau is the last element to be realized, since until the end there may be changes on
the preparation of tables and guests.

Surely for your event you want an original way to set up the tableau: I’ll tell you a few.
It usually follows a setting with the name of the table tied to a card with the names of the guests, but
there are many alternatives.

One idea may be the “take your seat”, used mainly abroad, where guests will find a welcome drink
with their name superimposed, to sip and then sit at the indicated table.
Another nice idea is to transform the tableau to make it suitable for a corner with cadeaux de

What do you think? Write to me😉