A family passion

I grew up in a house that was always ready to host a big event.

Many fresh, strictly white flowers flooded every corner with their perfume.
Silverware, glassware and porcelain enriched the table with their elegance and refinement.

The Dutch linen tablecloths, hand-embroidered by elderly women who made their art a tribute to beauty,
were a source of inspiration.

My mother loved to take care of the center of the table, placing a small bouquet of white roses, which she
herself grew in her garden.
It often happened that my mother offered a simple lunch to friends and relatives whom she loved to receive at home, because for her it was synonymous with great hospitality.
And hospitality was synonymous with respect.

This passion of hers was transmitted to me with a lot of enthusiasm, also giving me the many memories
that take me back to every single event we spent together.
Passion that, with commitment and dedication, I have cultivated and enriched over the years.

Passion that transpires in each of my events, not only to make it perfect and with attention to the smallest
details, but also to give it that sense of hospitality that has been handed down to me and which contains its essence: a special day, in which everyone can feel cheerful and carefree, like at home.

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My values


I collaborate with professionals
selected to ensure
the highest quality standard.


I have an innate vocation for sober
elegance, made of delicate details and
at the same time very precise.


I study the theme of each event
as a tailored suit, according
to the characteristics and specific needs.


My secret to organizing a
perfect event is the attention that
I pose to every detail.


An event is the composition of many
elements of a puzzle.
Everything needs to be harmonious
for an impeccable result.