Often we tend to focus on the organization of the wedding location, but we should not neglect the
church, where all the set-ups must follow the mood chosen for the event.

The misses must have the same font and same graphic as the participations, while all compositions
(such as those in gold in the photos) will have to go hand in hand with those we will find in the

As for rice, there are several solutions: a custom bag, a box or the classic cone.

The latest trend is to create a small wedding box that contains the booklet mass, the rice, the
handkerchief for tears of joy, the fan and more!

The wedding box can be customized according to any need and also comes to the aid of any last
minute unforeseen events.
You can then add caramels, sewing kits, water or small gadgets for the party.
In this event I designed a salmon-colored satin wedding pouches and I tied to the bow a pampas
(branch of a plant that reminds us of feathers).

Inside the clutch was present everything necessary: booklet mass, linen handkerchief with the initials
of the newlyweds embroidered and a bag of rice.

Of course, these accessories are dedicated to ladies, while men are honored only with the
handkerchief and the booklet mass.

Do not forget to abound with the realization of the booklets, which must also be delivered to the
priest and the newlyweds.

A detail not to be underestimated is the wedding ring holder: now passed the classic cloth pad, you
can have fun finding more original ways to propose it.

Last but not least, the set-ups outside the church. The first emotions and impressions of your guests
will depend on what they see when they arrive, so it is essential to set up the stairs and the church
door in the right way.

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