Today, the tables include all kinds of accessories, from the name of the table to the centerpiece, to
the menus and signs custom seats, up to the candles. Not to mention the complete mise en place
between under plate, cutlery, glasses and saucer bread.

Of all these elements, I believe that we need to find the right balance.

Before designing the mise en place it is important to interface with the room maitre, to understand the spaces that you have available.

As for the center of the table, you have to be careful not to choose immense structures that do not even allow you to see the faces of diners at the table.

How many of you were invited to relatives’ weddings and had to sit at a table with people you didn’t
know, or haven’t seen in years? In order not to risk making your guests feel uncomfortable, organize
the table layout in the right way, so that everyone knows each other.

The name of the table is what surely should not be missing, if they are predetermined places. It must
have a custom name or classic numbering well in sight and not covered by anything else, so that it is
easy to locate.

Another thing I prefer, is the personalized menu for each guest and, if there are allergic or intolerant,
the menu must report what will be offered specifically.

Finally, the place mark has increasingly assumed the function of cadeaux to pay homage to guests.
The proposals are many, but I think it is more appropriate to choose a useful solution, otherwise it is
enough to add a flower to the napkin with the first and last name (never forget the surname,
especially in the case of the same name!)

Another way to enrich the place mark, especially for dinners, is with candles. I think the candle is an
element that should never be missing at the tables, because it gives a romantic and elegant allure.
How do you imagine the mise en place of your event? Write to me.