For years, in Italy, the Wedding Cake has imitated American fashion with the classic layered cake, with some variations to constantly follow the new trends.

Today I will explain the value and meaning of the Wedding Cake, how to choose it and why it must
follow the design of the wedding.
First, the Wedding Cake represents the union of a couple, who is not by chance immortalized by the
photographer with the fateful cut of the cake, strictly made by the union of both hands of the

This act symbolizes eternal love, draws attention to the promises made before God and before loved

We know that today there are many types of Wedding Cake: classic with sugarpaste, naked cake, nude cake, ruffle cake, metallic cake, drip cake, watercolor cake and many more.
But how do you decide between all these variants?

First of all, it depends on the style of the wedding,
the mood that you have chosen, the colors, but above all the seasonality.

Yes, even for Wedding Cakes, as in flowers, you have to pay attention to seasonality.

Simply because some of these cakes have to be commissioned true, with filling, and although they are stored in refrigerator cells, when the temperatures are very high, they may not be perfect.

Another key point is: true or fake? With filling or just sugar paste?

Personally, I find the stuffed cake much more fascinating, because it represents the soul of the wedding with the soft cut of the cake. Despite this, I do not exclude the fake one, which always remains the preferred choice of the newlyweds.

There are also scenic novelties for the moment of the cake cut.

The Laser Show: a show of lights projected on the wedding cake, personalized with images of the
newlyweds or special writings.

The Cake Mapping, a real show that makes the wedding cake interactive. The Wedding Cake will turn
into a screen on which to project photos, movies, texts and animations. A show inside the event to
make the most beautiful day even more magical!

A hug