When guests arrive at the location, the first thing they ask is, “What’s my table?”🤔

In this case, the Tableau de Mariage, a board indicating the arrangement of the tables during the
reception, runs to their aid.
How do I organize and customize this guest map? I’ll explain it to you right away.

First, the tableau always follows the mood of the reception, so it must be in line with the colors and
theme you have chosen.

In the photo, the mood of the event was the combination of salmon color (which mixes pink with a
touch of orange) with the gold of the geometric structures.

Another very important aspect, is the location: the tableau must be at the entrance or in the aperitif
area, so that guests can see it immediately upon their arrival.
Generally, the tableau is the last element to be realized, since until the end there may be changes on
the preparation of tables and guests.

Surely for your event you want an original way to set up the tableau: I’ll tell you a few.
It usually follows a setting with the name of the table tied to a card with the names of the guests, but
there are many alternatives.

One idea may be the “take your seat”, used mainly abroad, where guests will find a welcome drink
with their name superimposed, to sip and then sit at the indicated table.
Another nice idea is to transform the tableau to make it suitable for a corner with cadeaux de

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